The Rustic Wolf Farm

Sustainable - Ethical - Local

Wholesome, healthy food grown & raised with organic practice by a family that values bettering the lives of ourselves and our community.

We are a small family farm with an intensive market garden, microgreens & shoots, pastured poultry & eggs and a big passion for "small and local."

We are proud to offer freshly harvested microgreens 365 days per year.

Visit us at the New Ipswich Farmer's Market every Saturday or come by our roadside stand opening late spring.

Microgreens & Shoots

Overhaul the flavor of your food and boost your health with the addition of microgreens and shoots to your diet. Microgreens have been proven to be up to 40x more nutritious than their adult counterparts


Great for juicing and the health of our furry friends, we sell harvested wheatgrass as well as live pots and full trays


Salad Greens & Herbs

Apples & Berries

Pastured Poultry & Eggs

Contact Us:

146 Brookline Road in Mason, NH

Email -

Facebook and Instagram - @rusticwolffarm

Phone - 508-259-7880